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1) You can edit the themes as much as you like, just please don't redistribute and claim them as your own
2) If you have to you can move the credit link to another location on the index page, but do not remove the credit from the source code and do not move it to a secondary (like a FAQ) page!
3) Do not use as a base for your own themes
4) Enjoy! :3

15 Aug 2014 #27 Never Never Land published and #11 - #20 retired [???]

26 June 2014 #26 In the end it was easy published.

04 june 2014 shiny new outfit for itsacrimetheme and FAQ Update.

mlpfeelings said:

Hello just wanted to say that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the never never land theme that I'm using. I've reeled in a lot of followers because of it. Thank you!

haha you’re welcome 

once-upon-my-feels said:

theme 26 is awesome, I'll be using it for my main and my side blog okay? Thank you for your work!!

Sure, enjoy :)

thesmuttylibrary said:

Hi there! I'm using #17 (your themes are great by the way!), and I wanted to add another custom link to my page. So I copied the thing, and it looked like it worked, except the link won't show up on my actual blog. I can see it when I click 'edit theme' under links and everything, but no matter what I do I just can't get it to show up on my blog. Help? :)

Sometimes it takes tumblr a while to update the blog (and by ‘a while’ I mean ‘ages’). But when you can see it in the livepreview it definitely worked and should show up any moment.

mightymcroi said:

I love your themes! I've used them for forever, and just realised today that I've never thanked you for them! So thank you!

Why thank you, I’m glad you like them! 

villierscy said:

Thanks so much for your help, from what I can gather problem is that Bakerscript font is no longer accepted, which has caused it to look different. Thanks again.

Oh, right. That’s odd because it still works for me? 

And the script itself is installed externally, like with an uploaded file and everything, so it shouldn’t be affected by tumblr’s changes … but yeah, maybe it’s just a hiccup. In case it doesn’t change back and it bothers you, just change ‘bakerscript’ to the font you want to use instead wherever it shows up in the code.

villierscy said:

I've been using your 'Prepared to Burn' theme for ages now and I really love it. I know that you don't offer support with that theme any more, and hopefully this is more of a general query, but I understand if you don't want to answer. The tumblr font formatting change has affected the layout/fonts, and I was wondering if tumblr resolved/reversed these changes, whether the code itself would be affected or if it would come back to normal. Sorry for troubling you, and thanks again for the theme.

As far as I am aware, the font formatting change has only affected Arial Black? But I’m not sure because I haven’t seen anything official yet and that’s just the experience I made with it so far. Since your theme doesn’t feature Arial Black and when I just went to your blog to have a quick look, it seemed like everything was still alright?

But, generally speaking, if they change it back, the layout would just go back to normal because the code is still the same (unless you’ve changed anything). Hope that helps :)

infinitely-autumn said:

Hi! So I was looking at your themes and found a couple I like. However on my test blog I noticed in the description it isn't letting me change the color of some words. If you look at my blog, you can see random words are colored differently. Is there a reason your coding wouldn't be letting me change them?

My first thought was that it’d be the bold/italic thing because I usually code different colours for bold and italic text (and you can change the colours like all the other ones in the Appearance tab), but when I went to your blog to check I saw that you’re not actually using one of my themes? I don’t how how your theme is coded, so please contact the maker of that theme.

xzadex-deactivated20140908 said:

I have nothing on it so far. I would not know how to do the tagged for edits.

Look, this doesn’t have anything to do with the theme anymore and of course I’m always happy to help, but this is really basic stuff that you can just as well find out via a Google search (which is probably quicker too).

When you post your edits/make a post on tumblr, you usually tag them with something so that you can a) find it again on your blog when you click on that tag, and b) have other people find your edit and your blog when they search that tag on tumblr. If you don’t know how to tag your posts, please google ‘how to tag on tumblr’ or something along those lines, I’m sure there are plenty of explanations and tutorials on the subject. :)

xzadex-deactivated20140908 said:

I have seen in the FAQ section about Pages and Links, but for the Theme I am using #027, how do I go about putting in or up the navigation links, for others to access to my Premades/Edits?

Exactly like it says in the FAQ under ‘How do I add a custom link’ :)

Presumably you have your edits tagged with something like ‘my edits’, so you’d add the link to that tag in the custom link section in the Appearance tab of your customise page. Like it says in the FAQ (in your case it’d be #2):


kazhloar said:

Hi! I was wondering. I have a main theme (not yours, sorry, even if they are absolutely wonderful, seriously, but I spent too much time tweaking the one I have to change) and I used one of your themes (#17) for some of the tweaks (different first letter, different font for italics/bold/underline, etc.). Now, I credited you in a secondary page, but I wondered if you wanted the credits directly on the first page? I really do not mean to disrespect the time you spent on these themes...

As long as you didn’t copy parts of my code (which I don’t allow in my rules ;) ) and just looked at them for inspiration, a credit on a secondary page is perfectly fine! Thank you for asking :)

xzadex-deactivated20140908 said:

How do I upload a background image to the never never land?

That theme doesn’t feature a background image, you’d have to code it in first :)

niallgirlsarewinning said:

First're amazing. Secondly, I just have one tiny issue. The links on my front page (home, ask, etc.) Are just a little off to the left to the point where the first letter can't really be seen. It's not that big of a deal, but if we can fix it I would appreciate it. I am using theme #024 ICI, LOIN DU MONDE REEL. Thanks :D

Hi, and thank you :)

The issue is due to some changes either on tumblr or (more likely) in the new version of Chrome so that the browser doesn’t display Arial Black anymore for some reason (?? it doesn’t make any sense). I’m hoping they’ll fix it so I won’t change the theme code just yet, but I posted a quick fix a couple of days ago already. You can find it here.

half-irishirwin said:

I can't even say how thankful I am for your themes! The theme I downloaded was PERFECT and so easy to install. THANK YOU!!!!

Gosh, thank you, and enjoy your theme! :)

everydaybeatles said:

your themes are so amazing, thank you so much!! :))

I’m glad you like them, thank you! :)

the-grunge-emo said:

What is the theme you use on your personal blog? I really like it and I was wondering if you made it or where you got it from. It's okay if you don't want to give out the information.

Thank you :) I made it and I’m probably going to publish it eventually, but not as long as I’m still using it myself.