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1) You can edit the themes as much as you like, just please don't redistribute and claim them as your own
2) If you have to you can move the credit link to another location on the index page, but do not remove the credit from the source code and do not move it to a secondary (like a FAQ) page!
3) Do not use as a base for your own themes
4) Enjoy! :3

15 Aug 2014 #27 Never Never Land published and #11 - #20 retired [???]

26 June 2014 #26 In the end it was easy published.

04 june 2014 shiny new outfit for itsacrimetheme and FAQ Update.

half-irishirwin said:

I can't even say how thankful I am for your themes! The theme I downloaded was PERFECT and so easy to install. THANK YOU!!!!

Gosh, thank you, and enjoy your theme! :)

everydaybeatles said:

your themes are so amazing, thank you so much!! :))

I’m glad you like them, thank you! :)

souls-of-the-damned-demons said:

What is the theme you use on your personal blog? I really like it and I was wondering if you made it or where you got it from. It's okay if you don't want to give out the information.

Thank you :) I made it and I’m probably going to publish it eventually, but not as long as I’m still using it myself.

heartbrokensammy said:

Hey, just wanted to say I'm using one of your themes and it is the best one I've ever had ^_^ Thanks a bunch for making these available. They're great!

Aw, thank you :3

thelaughinghound said:

The #024 Ici, loin du monde réel theme, I freakin' love it by the way, seems to have changed/broken a little? The font on the links and the alignment seems off on mine and the static preview compared to what they looked like and do in the screencap of the theme.

I’m really not sure what you mean because it looks perfectly fine to me, both on your blog and on the static preview. Which links do you mean exactly? Do you have an example post or a screencap for me to look at?

edit: yeah alright, one day later it seems that for some reason tumblr has changed something with the fonts?? (WHY, TUMBLR) or it may have something to do with a browser update because in Firefox it still looks like it should. I’ll post the fix here and keep the code like it is for now in case they change it back … whatever it is that they broke there :/

So. Find this in the code:

#sidebarlinks {
    width: 170px;
    height: auto;
    font-family: 'Arial Black';
    font-size: 15px;
    margin: 195px 0 0 211px;
    color: {color:sidebar};
    text-shadow: -1px -1px 0px {color:background};

and replace the whole thing with this

#sidebarlinks {
    width: 170px;
    height: auto;
    font-family: 'Arial';
    font-size: 15px;
    margin: 195px 0 0 214px;
    color: {color:sidebar};
    text-shadow: -1px -1px 0px {color:background};

souls-of-the-damned-demons said:

I love your themes so much! I'm using Never Never Land and I have to say it's the best them I've seen ever. It's so elegant and beautiful. It makes my blog flow very easily. I absolutely love it. Everything is easy to use and so far I have not seen anyone else with the same theme as me.

ajsdkhfjs thank you so much, that means a lot  

darcycarmela said:

I have a question for the newest theme (27). How do I make the tags show up?

They do automatically. If a post has tags, they’ll show up.

For example here on your blog :)

eventhedarkestnightends said:

I used one of your themes and I gotta say it looks good, but for some reason parts of my posts aren't showing up and the gaps of the posts are kind of a lot larger than they should be. I've tried fixing it, but I'm not really sure what went wrong in the first place. Thanks if you can help explain what happened! (:

I’m not sure what happened, but for some reason half of your posts are offset and hidden behind the sidebars. I’d just suggest you re-install the code and make every change very carefully so you can undo them immediately when they mess up the code :)

i-am-mycroft-holmes said:

Hello, I'm just starting to make my own themes. I need something to do during the holidays really. I was wondering if I could use theme 3 as a base code, but it said to ask you. Thanks!

I’ve changed my rules since then and I’d rather you didn’t use it, sorry :( but there are a lot of base codes that you’re free to use here, maybe there’s something in there for you?

tic-tic-bam said:

I hate to ask this since it's technically not a technical issue. I was wondering if we could use your theme for personal commercial uses. I do technically have the personal store up, but I haven't got it running. Though I didn't want to do anything against your wishes. If you say no I'll scrap it, but the it fits nicely into what I wish to convey. As a coder myself I want to respect other coders. I just use other themes sometimes cause coding takes a takes a while. Sometimes I am honestly lazy.

As long as you don’t remove my credit link, don’t claim my theme as yours and don’t try to make profit off the theme itself, you can use it any way you want, for commercial blogs too :)

wabacwhen said:

Hello! I just want to let you know that your themes are super fab and every time I need a new one, I always use yours. Seriously, whenever I try to find a new theme, I just drift back to this blog and you always have a really good one I can use. Plus all of your themes have awesomazing features and asdfghjkl just thank you for sharing them <3

ahjsdkhjs thank you so much, you’re too sweet ♥

loveablegeek said:

Just thought I'd say I love your themes, and that they're infinitely customizable!

That’s exactly what I’m going for haha thank you :3

shippingking said:

uuggghhhhh, your themes are so so perfect, i love them, thank you for making them, and letting people use them, i really really appreciate it <333 aaaaaa

Thank you so much! I’m glad you like them ♥

#027 Never Never Land
» Livepreview here [temporary] & Static Preview here & get the code here or here


  • there is an option to add 10 custom links
  • you can add an individual blogtitle and subtitle to the top left of your blog (added and edited in the Appearance tab)
  • the sidebar background image is 320px wide (height is up to you) and will be resized automatically when it’s too big or too small. It’s attached to the bottom
  • the circle image in the sidebar is your icon (there’s an option to hide it)
  • the body font size, navigation title and all the colours are customisable in the Appearance tab
  • there are like and quick reblog buttons on every post

What else?

  • please note that the images are not included in the theme, you will have to upload your own 
  • if you need help with the sizes for the sidebar background image, please read my FAQ
  • needless to say, don’t remove the credit and don’t redistribute as your own
  • and most importantly: enjoy! :3
Audio Posts Instability


Since yesterday I’ve noticed that tumblr audio posts are not working on blogs, they work fine on the dashboard but not at all at the blogs. Since I’ve received a few messages about it today, I want to let you guys know that this is not a problem with my themes, it’s a tumblr problem. My guess is that they’re updating the audio players so we’ll just have to wait and see.