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1) You can edit the themes as much as you like, just please don't redistribute and claim them as your own
2) If you have to you can move the credit link to another location on the index page, but do not remove the credit from the source code and do not move it to a secondary (like a FAQ) page!
3) Do not use as a base for your own themes
4) Enjoy! :3

26 June 2014 #26 In the end it was easy published.

04 june 2014 shiny new outfit for itsacrimetheme and FAQ Update.

11 may 2014 #025 The Remorseful Day published.

halemania said:

Hey! Sorry if this question falls under "tweaking and customizing" but I wondered if there was a way to fit more than one badge on the side bar of theme #018. If not I can figure mething out or just suck it up. Thanks :)

I’m not sure how these badges work (or what exactly they are lolol sorry I’ve just never used any), but in principle you should be able to add as many as you want. I don’t know how they are coded so you may have to fiddle with it a bit, but there’s no reason why that shouldn’t work really.

olivias-princess-domain said:

Thank you so much for the theme! It looks beautiful on my blog!

I’m glad you like it! :)

skylar102 said:

Hi! Where can I find the line of code for showing page numbers? I just want it to show an arrow instead of showing what page you're on and how many pages are there. I know it has something to do with the pagination but I can't figure it out. (although I'm using theme #001 I thought this would still applies to other themes as well? I could be completely wrong. If I am, sorry.. I don't know anything about coding ^.^")

The pagination bit always starts with


just-potato said:

I am in complete love with the sidebar image on your theme 23, can you possibly share it? thank you

It’s just a screencap with a gradient overlay really, but there you go

justthemesforyou said:

Hello, I've got a theme but I don't know how to make a Static Preview, Can you help me?

right click » show source code

Then copy everything, create a custom page on your blog and paste it as the HTML. Easy peasy! :)

doctorsdemons said:

I just wanted to say that I adore you themes :D I love them so much and only use them :) However I also have a question, I'm using theme #025 The Remorseful Day and I cant figure ou how to edit the box around the custom links. I don't mean the description box, its the smaller one just relating to the link itself. I'm assuming you can change it, if i cant sorry for wasting your time. I'm also not sure whether this violates the "no questions about customizing themes" rule due to it not about code

The link box is part of the description box, but you can edit it individually under

#linkbar {

skania said:

Hello! First of all, I'd like to thank you for sharing your themes with us; they're wonderful! I'm currently using 023, and I have a little problem when it comes to using read-mores in published asks. Whenever I add a read-more to a reply, it works perfectly in the dashboard but doesn't show up in the blog itself. Instead, there is a [[MORE]] and the text is still visible as if there were no read-more at all. Is there any way I could fix that? Thank you for your time!

Hello and thank you, I’m glad you like it!

Unfortunately that’s a known tumblr bug that has nothing to do with the theme :/ as far as I’m aware, there really is nothing you can do about it since it only affects asks :(

monkey-brainedhumans said:

hello, I was trying one of your theme, theme #026 to be exact, and whenever I try to apply to my blog it always said "your custom theme HTML appears to be invalid" what should I do? thanks before.

I don’t know why but tumblr sometimes does that for no apparent reason at all. The HTML is definitely valid and it usually works to just ignore that error message and save it anyway. :)

Just make sure that you’ve deleted all your old code before pasting the new one, and maybe try copying the raw paste of the code in case that helps. But other than that it’s a tumblr bug and it should definitely work.

meaganelizabee said:

"You see puzzles, I see games" is a beautiful theme, thank you so much! Getting it all settled in right now. c:

Thank you, and enjoy! :3

arminassbutt said:

Thank you for making such beautiful themes. I've been admiring them for months and you were the one that inspired me to learn html and make my own.

Aw, thank you so much! That’s one of the biggest compliments ever, and I’m glad I was able to inspire you that way. Have fun! 

musingalex said:

Do you have any sidebar themes? I'm trying to find a good theme that can have other site's badges (instagram, wattpad, twitter, etc.) And I was curious if you had any that were good to do that with.

argh I’m afraid I really don’t know what you’re looking for, sorry :( almost all my themes have a sidebar and you can add buttons and badges to all of them, so it probably comes down to aesthetics and that’s your personal taste I guess?

You can look at all my themes here and see if there’s something in it for you? :)

regallyravenclaw said:

Hello, sorry to ask this as I know you said you don't answer questions about tweaking your themes but I have gone through the FAQ and AQ and google for ages and I can't seem to find a way to do what I want, so I wondered if you could possibly help me out? Totally understand if you're too busy though, no problem :) Basically what I'm trying to do is get my tags to show up on the same white bg as my posts, because they are just blending into the bg atm and are practically unreadable? Thank you!

(cont’d) Sorry I ran out of characters in the last ask! Just wanted to add that the theme I’m using is #017 and I haven’t made any changes to the code at all. If you can’t help for whatever reason then I also just wanted to say thanks for making such awesome themes for people to use, because I would never even know where to start trying to make something like that, and I’m happier with my theme right now than I ever have been in my 2 years on tumblr, so thank you so much :)

Thank you <3

As for your question, look for this in the code:

#tagbox a {

and then add a background colour, like so:

#tagbox a {
background-color: {color:background};

this adds a background colour only to the links (as in the individual tags), not to the whole div element of the tagbox, but I think it should do the trick and make them more readable. In case you it doesn’t, just add the background-color line to #tagbox. Make sure you end that line with a semicolon :)

xo-cas-ox said:

Hey I just wanted to let you know that your awesome! That your codes are fantastic and I use you for all my themes. And that your so kind!! XoXo

 you’re awesome! Thank you so much <3

nazst said:

Would you ever think about teaching? :)

You mean about coding? I’m flattered that you seem to think I could tbh, but no … I don’t think so. It’s just that I’m not a professional and everything I do is self-taught, which works well enough for tumblr on an amateur scale, but since I’ve never learned anything on a professional level I probably make a lot of mistakes or just clumsy coding that could be avoided if I knew better. I wouldn’t want to pass that kind of sciolism on to other people haha

That, and I’m completely rubbish at explaining things :/

the-lady-swan said:

I sent you an ask earlier about text padding/margin but on theme #17 but I figured it out. Thank you so much! ;) Loving the theme, it's beautiful!

Oh I’m sorry, tumblr must have eaten your ask because I didn’t get it … but I’m glad you figured it out anyway :) and thank you!