themes by itsacrimescene
1) You can edit the themes as much as you like, just please don't redistribute and claim them as your own
2) If you have to you can move the credit link to another location on the index page, but do not remove the credit from the source code and do not move it to as secondary (like a FAQ) page!
3) Do not use as a base for your own themes
4) Enjoy! :3

14 Mar 2014 FAQ Update and #024 Ici loin du monde réel published.

09 jan 2014 #023 Well good luck with that published.

20 oct 2013 #022 Spider at the center of a web published.


#018 You see puzzles, I see games
# Static preview here and get the code here or here


# there is an option to add an individual title and subtitle. The topbar above the posts only appears when you do add a blogtitle, which you can edit in the Appearance tab of your customize page

# the sidebar image is 200x200px and will be resized automatically when it’s too big or too small

# you can add 10 custom links that appear when you hover the sidebar image

# you can also add a quote or sth to the left sidebar. I called it ‘last words’ and you can add or edit it also in the Appearance tab

# the like & reblog buttons and the tags fade in when you hover a post

What else?

# the background image is from subtlepatterns

# needless to say, don’t remove the credit and don’t redistribute as your own

# I’d appreciate it if you liked this post when you take it, but of course you don’t have to ;)

# and most importantly: enjoy! :3

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